Friday, June 5, 2009


by James Everett Kibler
Pelican Publishers, 282 pages

This is not a rip roaring tale of intrigue and suspense, there are no cliff hangers waiting at the end of the chapters that leave you foaming at the mouth in anticipation. However, this book will grip you and invite you to the next chapters. Which, by the way, you will gladly go without pause.

The Education of Chauncey Doolittle is a wonderful nostalgic read that blends the world of today and the world of the past together. You are invited into the inner circle of Chauncey and his friends as they debate, explore and help each other to survive in an ever changing world. This is a book as I said before not to be blown through in a hurried read, but on to actually sit back and enjoy at a pace that the book takes you.

The story centers around a way of life threatened by urban sprawl. A way of life like most of us folks who do not want to see their routine changed and forced away. It is a story of knowing your neighbor and yourself. A story of the important things in life, and no, it is not the tangibles, but it is about friends, family, fun and helping one another.

I for one have always liked those fast paced novels and usually loath the slow, but not this one. I enjoyed the pace of the book; it made me feel a part of the story. This is the third novel in the Clay Bank County Series and the first one that I have read or reviewed and this one after reading compels me in wanting to read the others.

James Everett Kibler has done a wonderful job in bringing the characters of this community to life and knits together not only the personalities but also the new and old world views of life in the fast lane or the slow lane.

A great book worthy of the read.

Craig Anderson
Our History Project

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