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Novel, 183 pp., 2007. Catwba Publishing Company, 5945 Orr Road, Suite F, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28213, $9.95 plus shipping.
Westerns, an American genre, have intrigued generations. Most, at some point in life, have played “cowboys and Indians” or watched a John Wayne movie. The literary world is not immune to the attraction the Wild West has on individuals.

Based on Cherokee Blood Law, Thirty Years of Hate is a historical western set in 1868 in Calvary, Texas. The main character, Morgan Black, is half-blooded Cherokee Indian. Black’s story begins when he is ten. At this young age he is a witness to Battle of Neches/ Cherokee War and his mother and sister’s death by a man who would become Black’s sworn enemy. Black would later participate in the Battle of Pea Ridge/ Elkhorn Tavern with Col. Stand Waite. Although the book is not in chronological order, the story flows flawlessly to allow the reader an insight into the past to understand the current circumstances.

R.L. Woods captivates the reader with his writings. “It is symphonic, allegory, blending Arthurian legend, Cherokee and Greek mythology, without sacrificing its message to the average reader,” stated the Cherokee Nation newspaper in its review. Black’s desire for revenge leads him to the love of his life, but choices must be made. Mr. Woods does a fascinating job to pull the reader in and keep them hanging to the last second.

Even though this book only has a glimpse into the time period during the War Between the States, it is a perfect fiction book for those who love Westerns. The amount of violence and some language urges this reviewer to state that this publication is not suitable for children.

Written by Cassie A. Barrow

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