Monday, July 19, 2010

NEW DAWN, The Battles for Fallujah by Richard Lowry

New Dawn, The Battles for Fallujah
Richard S. Lowry
Savas Beatie Publishing 2010
352 pages including index

I have heard of Richard Lowry, however before "New Dawn" had not the chance to pickup one of his books. After reading this one, I believe it was a huge mistake on my part and I will actively seek out his other works. This book and the stories contained within are amazing. Honestly while reading I could not put this into a definite category - it is the Non-Fiction which reads like a Fiction.

The strangest and hardest thing to grasp I found, was at the end of the book, I had to remind myself that this was real. Real men and women, who lived through these larger than life events. I was caught up in the movie I was watching and the novel I was reading. I was there; it bears repeating, I was there; with these units on some extraordinary journeys. I got caught up in the moment and the events, cheering, praying, hoping and wishing for the "characters" of this story.

Chapters one (1) one through (6) six brings you the background of the war in Iraq and sets the stage for the players, units and politics, going on in the region at the time, building the foundation to take you the rest of the way. This part is pretty much what I expected of the book and looking at the war from a historical point of view. Then it happened...and to this day I still do not know where, even after several readings; somewhere in chapter (7) seven this story took on a life of its own. It sucked me in, held on tight and brought me home. What a book!

Over 135 interviews were made for this book and several of these stories are in the documentary film "Perfect Valor". In this read you will not only get the personal accounts of the men and women on the ground but you will also see why the American Military is considered the Best in the World. The passion, dedication and strength are all there for you to see and feel. One of the greatest aspects of hearing these events is that most of these brave souls are still with us. They may not share their story with you, but thanks to Richard we have been fortunate to have them documented for all time.

It was truly an honor for Our History Project, to interview Richard about his book "New Dawn" and you will not be disappointed in the read either. I can whole heartedly recommend that you put this one on your reading list. Richard has several interviews available online including a video presentations on Book TV. Grab the book, listen to an interview or watch the presentation. Anyway you can get

Craig Anderson
Our History Project