Friday, January 21, 2011

“Hey Buddy” by Gary W. Moore

" Hey Buddy is a wonderful and magical journey to find Buddy Holly -- the man, the legend, and his music. You will be blown away by what you hear and what you learn from Holly. From the crash investigations, talking to the Dwyers', and just exploring a decade of music, you thought you knew. This one is a keeper."

“Hey Buddy”- In pursuit of Buddy Holly, My New Buddy John, and My Lost Decade of Music

by Gary W. Moore
2011, Savas Beatie Publishing
219 Pages
I must start this review by saying I have never in my life, borrowed, checked out, read, listened or reviewed a book on music or musical artist(s). It is just not a subject that interested me. I was looking over Savas Beatie’s offering for 2011 and for some reason this book stood out to me, almost calling me. I went back to the page several times before ordering my copy.
“Hey Buddy” is Not a Biography on Buddy Holly. It IS a wonderful and magical journey to find Buddy Holly – The man, the legend and the music. We learn quickly that the author shared my view on music history; knowing a little but not really interested until that one night changed his life forever.

After being dragged to an event called the “Winter Dance Party” performed by John Mueller who impersonates Buddy, Gary W. Moore was transfixed, mesmerized and struck to the core. What this entire book revolves around his the quest to find the music.
Gary W. Moore book “Hey Buddy” is a Masterpiece. He takes us on the journey with him. We are there from the first moment that these emotions hit to the final visit to the crash site. You will find yourself researching, looking, listening and reading to what he did. Seriously, do not be surprised if you find yourself on the computer until 2-3AM.

Even though this book is a personal journey for Gary; his writing, his research; it is strangely perceived at the end as personal journey for you the reader. The reason I am stating this as a Masterpiece is that although this is his journey. I found myself not really seeing him that much in the book. I was in his skin, in his shoes and experiencing this journey for myself. It was my story!

Along this epic ride we take with us a host of characters; some serious, some funny, some sad and some angry. All of them culminate to bring this story to life. “Hey Buddy” will be one of your all-time favorites as it is now for me. This is a book and a journey you will have to experience for yourself and I promise you will not be disappointed.

“Hey Buddy” is for the hardcore Holly Fans and for those who have just heard about him. You will be blown away by what you hear and what you learn about Holly. From the crash investigations, talking to the Dwyers’ and just exploring a decade of music you thought you knew. This one is a keeper.
Craig Anderson
Our History Project

Monday, January 10, 2011

OHP Book Review - Lion of Liberty by Harlow Unger

“LION OF LIBERTY” Patrick Henry and the Call to a New Nation
Harlow Giles Unger
Da Capo Press-2010
321 pages

In this magnificent book Harlow Unger paints a portrait of Patrick Henry that will inspire, recharge and get us excited; if not passionate; about what freedom is and why we as Americans strive, desire and covet that ideal.

Harlow Unger, I have to admit is one of my favorite authors. He combines true story telling mixed with sound academic research and writing that leaves nothing out. Each chapter referenced is Healy laden with reference notes (18 pages), which include writings from Henry himself to letters of others, firsthand account documents, Court records, Church records and more. This serves in giving you, not only personal insight on his views, but a complete portrait of how others viewed him at the time.

The opening leaves you in suspense as the young Henry makes his first appearance in a courtroom, seemingly not sure what to do. The Judge was on the verge of throwing out the case and awarding the other party the victory. We find out later that Henry, a master of the courtroom stage was more than ready to argue almost any point. We see his love of family, love of country and love of law shine through.

In this work we see how Patrick Henry developed his skills in the backwoods. We see who his first audience (the animals) was and how he crafted his art and performance. As the book progresses we see his genius from soon to be peers to taking on challenges of the mother country in respects to the legal standings. These accounts you will just have to read for yourself, and I will say it is well worth the read.

This book sounds the cry of freedom and political statement s that are as relevant today as they were then. “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” may be Henry’s legacy to our Nation, but what you will find is that he left so much more. This Masterpiece and Portrait of Patrick Henry is something every American should read, regardless of your viewpoints; left or right. To continue on as a nation we have to have an understanding of who we are and the other viewpoints of the opposition, then we can grow. As much as Van Buran brought us party politics, Henry brought us the will and the determination to speak out, stand up and demand to be heard.

Reviewed by
Craig Anderson
Our History Project, Inc.