Monday, May 18, 2009


By John Robert Slaughter
Zenith Press, 288 pages

Folks, let me tell you. I read a multitude of books each year and maybe, just maybe there are a handful that makes it to my hands that will forever stay on my shelf. This is one of those books. Don’t get me wrong, I have read some good ones and have enjoyed many of them. However, I am talking about a step above the betters.

What really drew me into this book was the personal and genuine way that this story was told. I actually felt that I was sitting and talking, just Bob and myself. A story that I would imagine that is told to children and grand children to remember who he was and he wanted to pass it along. It may sound strange but I did feel a part of the family.

The book covers so much more than the war itself. From Bob’s childhood, family and friends to the makings of a soldier who did not know what he was getting himself in to and to his life now. The amazement of travel and the candid pranks and trouble he got into. It’s all there for you, just pull up a chair and sit a while.

The war years express a deep feeling for his friends he fought with and knew and the horrors of events that we all hope will never be seen again. Omaha Beach and Beyond: The Long March of Sergeant Bob Slaughter should, and I hope later on it will be in audio form as well. You will not be disappointed in the read I promise.

I know I did not go into detail chronicling the book itself and there is a reason for it. It is like trying to explain the most adrenaline filled moment you have ever had and then turn the page and experience the lowest you have ever been. That may sound like a negative but I assure you it’s not. It is a genuine, heartfelt and personal experience that was a pleasure not only to read but also to be a part of the legacy. Thanks Mr. Bob.

Craig Anderson
Our History Project

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